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Greek Salad with Couscous


Found this on I love Greek salads and I had a box of Israeli couscous in my pantry so this caught my eye right away. It’s absolutely delicious!

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Arkansas Green Beans


I found this on via Pinterest. She found it on This recipe is amazing. I first made it last fall for a tailgating get together and I got so many compliments on it. One guy actually told me he doesn’t like green beans, but he couldn’t stop eating these. I converted a green bean hater. *pats back*

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Pulled Pork Casserole


I saw this one morning on Mr. Food. It caught my eye because it used refrigerated BBQ pork, a staple at my house. I loved how convenient this was to make, how quickly it came together for supper, and that my husband raved over it. There’s nothing pretty about this casserole, but the taste was delicious!

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Rhubarb Crunch Cake


I got this recipe from my Weight Watchers leader in 2002. It’s delicious and I always get lots of great comments about it.

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Toffee Pecan Crunch Bars


I actually tried these bars at a funeral. Liked them enough that I tracked down the recipe on the internet. I believe I’ve seen similar recipes using saltine crackers as well. I just sprinkled the chocolate chips on top, but they could be spread out, or even melted and drizzled over the top. Honestly, the toffee is so good that the bars would be great without the chocolate as well.

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Savory Beef and Noodles


This recipe is from the Feb/Mar 2013 issue of Simple & Delicious. I was impressed with how quickly it came together and how tasty it was. Everyone in my family seemed to really like it.

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Fluffy Pancakes


We usually keep pancake mix on hand, but this is a great alternative when you run out. They’re tasty! Found this on

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Chocolate Chip Banana Oatmeal Pancakes


I found this recipe idea on the site via Pinterest and adapted it a bit. They’re definitely not ‘typical’ pancakes, but they’re pretty good when you’re looking for a change of pace.

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Tortilla Rollups


This is a great finger-food for parties. They’re easy to make and very yummy!

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Honey Granola


One of my favorite breakfasts is Greek yogurt with granola and raisins. I decided to try making my own granola and tweaked a recipe I found on

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